The Student’s Book Pack consists of a Student’s Book and an accompanying CD-ROM containing exciting songs and games. The Student’s Book develops all four skills, with ‘Check your English’ and ‘Real English’ sections reinforcing material learnt and ‘Remember’ sections. Each book contains theme-based modules made up of three double-page presentation lessons, Hot Spot 1 Student's Book & CD-ROM Pack. Interleaved notes next to each Student's Book page; Step-by-step Hot Spot 3 Teacher's PackModule 1 SampleMe and My World (mb).

Hot Spot 3 Students Book

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Hot Spot 3 SB - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Hot Spot 3 Student Book No key. Macmillan. Colin Granger Student s Book. Macmillan, pages. Hot Spot is a communicative course with an accessible grammar syllabus designed to address the needs of young teenagers. Английский язык. Для школьников English for School Students. Hot Spot. the audio to accompany the course Hot Spot 3 by Colin Granger and Katherine. .. Hot Spot 4 - Student's Book contains seven theme-based modules each made up .


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Hot Spot 2 Test CD contains tests for each module as well as Cheryl Pelterer. McMillan Hot Spot 4 - Student's Book contains seven theme-based modules each made up of three double-page presentation lessons, a cross-cultural or cross-curricular integrated skills lesson, a 'can-do' review section and a fun 'extra-special' lesson to end with.

There is a good balance of all four skills in each lesson. Teacher's Book Hot Spot 4 Test CD contains tests for each module as well as pre-course, mid-book and end of book tests.

Test CD also contains Key Features - Packed with communicative activities with controlled practice enabling students to talkHe always claps his hands when he leaves the house.

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