Change Management. Configuration Management. Incident Management. Capacity Management. Security Management. ITIL V2 Framework and Processes . This EXIN®-accredited course outlines the ITIL best-practices framework and prepares the participant for the ITIL v2 Foundation certification exam, a prerequisite. ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) provides a framework of Best Practice guidance for IT . replaced by seven, more closely connected and consistent books (ITIL V2).

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The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) defines the is intended to answer a number of common questions, including those related to ITIL v2. With the ITIL Process Manual Dr. James Persse has laid out practical ideas that can help you adopting it. About 10 years later, OGC released ITIL V2. Abstract. This paper follows the article: Differences Between ITIL® V2 and ITIL® V3 with Respect to Service Strategy and Service Design. The main aim is to.

The processes of configuration management specify, control, and track configuration items and any changes made to them in a comprehensive and systematic fashion. A DML consists of one or more software libraries or file-storage areas referred to as repositories. The primary purpose of Knowledge Management is to improve efficiency by reducing the need to rediscover knowledge What are the ITIL based models adopted by an organization.

Microsoft MOF: Microsoft Operations Framework MOF is a series of 23 documents that guide IT professionals through the processes of creating, implementing and managing efficient and cost-effective services. Hewlett — Packard HP ITSM Reference Model :— This model is a significant tool useful in presenting and describing the several IT Management processes , inter-process relationships, and business linkages that IT needs to put in place for successful development, deployment and support of services in the e-world.

The software consists of a set of best practice business process models and service definitions to support core system renewal and integration projects. What is the relation between Availability, Availability service time and downtime?

The PDSA Cycle is a systematic series of steps for gaining valuable learning and knowledge for the continual improvement of a product or process. Also known as the Deming Wheel, or Deming Cycle, the concept and application was first introduced to Dr.

Do: Developing and testing a potential solution. Act: Implementing the improved solution fully.

What type of information is captured in an information security policy? Information security policies are the documented business and technical rules for protecting an organization from information security risk faced by its business and technical infrastructure.

ITIL V2 Foundation Exam - Sample Questions

These written policy documents provide a high-level description of the various controls , which the organization will use to manage its information security risks. In specific cases, the policies are supported by information security procedures that identify key activities required to implement relevant information security policies. What is a balanced scorecard? Balanced scorecard is a strategic planning and management system that is used extensively in business and industry, government, and nonprofit organizations worldwide to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improve internal and external communications, and monitor organization performance against strategic goals.

What is a Service Request? Service requests are a formal request submitted by a user for some type of service, software, or hardware. Service requests often involve items that are already approved.

Understanding ITIL V3

For instance, if it is a company policy that all employees get access to the cloud-based CRM system, and someone from the marketing department sends a service request for access to the CRM, this does not need any additional approval. But the other two stated that ITIL can work in any infrastructure because it is the operation of services that is important not just the kind of infrastructure that organizations have.

However, it has been identified that the impact of ITIL on the operation of IT infrastructure has been significant as it is a framework and provides guidelines for hardware and software. The findings identified that areas mostly affected by ITIL processes are service operation and service transition functions.

The participants identified they are providing training for only some of their staff because of the cost but they have an adequate number of experts to work with ITIL.

It enables organizations to differentiate themselves from their competitors by improving the quality of services they deliver to customers. These processes are business scope, distinctive competency and business governance.

The majority of participants identified that the impact of ITIL on business processes was minimal, in the other hand they stated that the business processes were heavily impacted by COBIT.

In addition, the findings identified that COBIT impacts on communication inside organizations breaks down barriers and improves knowledge sharing.

As a result, the skills required to execute business strategies are enhanced. These are the processes inside this quadrant. Overall, for this alignment perspective, it can be concluded that for two of the organizations studied IT supports business strategy and shapes business strategy because of the nature of the company.

This alignment perspective has been approved as business strategy formulated by business managers can be supported and implemented by IT using ITIL N. The extent to which business strategy is implemented through IT strategy and the required IT infrastructure and ITIL processes has been identified by this research. Rahbar and etal, and COBIT processes but in an indirect way — it depends on the business strategy and where it needs to be reflected.

Maintaining the cost means focusing more on business strategy rather than trying to fix things up all the time. They also enable organizations to grow their technology scope by focusing on business strategy and attempting to deliver to that. Even though the impacts on these two parts were significant, there were disagreements among organizations about its impact on IT governance. This alignment perspective has also been approved.

Therefore, it enables organizations to better execute business strategy.

ITIL V3 Fundamentals

This alignment perspective has also been approved N. Rahbar and etal, Also, they impact on technology scope by better supporting business strategy. The impact on IT governance however, has been identified as being different for organizations.

It has also been identified that they impact organizational infrastructure and processes and can improve them. This means that IT has the ability to better deliver services and at low cost. The findings identified that the benefits the ITIL and COBIT provided for organizations were mainly improving delivery of services, internal communication, identifying the areas of weakness and having consistency for the way things need to be done in organizations.

All of these increased the ability of organizations to have better delivery of services now and increased delivery of services in the future.

It has been recognized that ITIL has the potential to influence business strategy, support and transform it. More ever, it can alter and magnify IT strategy. In addition the COBIT is an instrument that tries to solve common project problems, in an integral, consistent document, and a process of continuous improvement.

Some areas overlap with other management disciplines. IT must add value to an organization; it must develop its competence in areas such as teamwork, negotiation, resolution of conflicts, communication, risks and in the definition of effective processes. These competences are presented in the COBIT in the form of a body of knowledge that unifies processes, Knowledge, necessary skills and techniques for the management of projects.

The initial restriction of this study was that because there were a few number of organizations deliberated, reliability of the announcements is the least. To make the research more reliable a number of other organizations need to be investigated. One more restriction was that as applying ITIL and COBIT to achieve strategic alignment are a new idea to Iranian organizations, limited research has been done in this zone, which makes it arduous to contrast the outcomes of this study with others.

With regard to the possible for next research, it has been recognized from this research that ITIL and COBIT have the potential and are effectual approaches to make alignment between IT and business targets. Rahbar, N.

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Zeinolabedin and S. Filipe de Sousa Pereira M. Alaeddini and S.

Salekfard, Investigating the role of an enterprise architecture project in the business-IT alignment in Iran," springer science, Kashanchi and J.Flag for inappropriate content. This site represents a community effort to explain and document ITIL as simply as possible. In order to fulfil its role the 'Informed' Customer function must gain clarity of vision in relation to the business plans and assure that suitable strategies are devised and maintained for achieving business goals.

The operational procedures and practices are supplier independent and apply to all aspects within the IT Infrastructure.

This enables individuals to start their career path in IT profession. Impact scenario Description of the type of impact on the business that could follow a business disruption. Business process A group of business activities undertaken by an organisation in pursuit of a common goal.

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