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Large file, be you have to wait a little while until it downloaded (requires Adobe Reader program to read it) pages total (including the. [PDF] DOWNLOAD Rise of the Ogre, Gorillaz by Cass Brown [PDF] DOWNLOAD Rise of the Ogre, Gorillaz Epub [PDF] DOWNLOAD Rise of the. Here is a link to a Rise of the Ogre PDF (press download in the top right corner).

Then we noticed the barrel tips, just poking through the window, They opened fire and the night sky was ablaze, rhe gunfire from their Uzis jUS[ lie up the place. My friend Del died instantly, he others just.. For some reason the b ullecs never hi c me Russel: But fWlTI.

It was Death himself, incarnate. Russel: Imrncdiarely that's when all these spirits, [he ghosts of my dead departed friends all entered my body, like they were being sucked up, Like sheers getting sucked into a vacuum cleaner.

Straight in co me, The process of pcssession turned Russel eyes a permanent frosted milky white. It also gave Russel his exceptional rnusle skills, the friends in question being the ones he'd made after an earlier brush with the Demonic underworld, all musical supremos to a man. He was my true soulmate, my friend, and brother. When be was killed his spirit rook up residence inside me. He became the ghosr rappel. But I've always been a receptacle for wayward spirits, demon apparitions Unknown to me at the time 1 was already possessed by a demon and iii big one too.

One llightin the campLls dormitory apparently I swelled to twice my size, and went on a rampage, picked some of [he kids LIp and threw there around like dolls. It was definitely my signature. Murdoc is shaking his head. School, and met my new crowd. They were street musicians, rappers, DJ's and Me's. I learned so much so fast. Hip hop saved my life, I'ny sOLLl I was expelled from the school but the possession andthe anxiety senr me into a coma, I was unconscious for about four years until a Father Merrin exorcised the demon frOJ,Tlitly soul.

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That's when. I came round, The demon finally vanquished, Russel came to after four years in the comatose state. But this honeymoon period was not 1;0 last. The drive-by massacre not only killed his crew but also sealed his fate. His parents shipped him off to England, to his uncle's home in Belsize Park and to what they imagined would be re:lative safety. Russel: I was sent here to couvalesce, to recover and unwind Murdoc smlrldng.

Bur you didn't count on me rracklng you down though, did you, mare] Oil Russ. Didn't think that would happen, did you? Among Russel's; personal belongings that were shipped over was one that was to become a mainstay of the Gorillaz sonic arsenal, , ; The legendary Hip Hop Machine!

Russel: That box conrains every beat known to man.. The chlng's irreplaceable. Irs rhythms span both time and hiswry,dghr across the Universe. Never mess with that machine - it'll eat you whole. The fact that it also contains the souls of many dead drummers that roll endlessly round its circuits, well, you can see why the box is so highly coveted. From big band, bluegrass and booty bass to jazz, ska, white noise and ,'eiiae, his knowledge was infinite..

More than this; his education and schooling in New York brought an understanding of thearts and lite ratu re, a tuition that spanned Busted, to Basqular, to Bukowski. It's an overused term but it would be possible to. Though I'm Unlike polymaths, who are people who excel in many fields. I'm a cross between the two.

I'm a rack of all trades, bur a master of drums. What merecould you ask fori Murdocs A decent g1.

The only weak link did appear to be Paula, the guitar player. Murdoci I think we. Mnrdocr Sigh , Paula was this girl who played guitar for us early on, 2D had.

Murdoc: Whacever. Bu t she After Russel joined the band Paula, 2D;s girlfr. But one night Russel found Murdoc and Paula up [0 no good together in the toilets at Kong. Murdoc: Cubicle number 3. For this gross act of disloyalty, Russel broke Murdoc's nose a further' five times, giving us the grand total of eight fractures that afflict his mangled hooter' today.

Gorillaz: Rise of the Ogre

Paula Cracker, Gorillas' first guitarist: Yeah. He was very sweet A bir thick rhough. He said thar he was gonna be a singer in rhis band, yeah? Maybe she's on some sort of medication. Paula Cracker: Oh! He's such a dandy!

But after the thing in rhe toilets, ehey kicked me out, Bastards. And I never heard from Murdoc again. And, my purse was gone.

Since then they've become this big massive band; so I glless I was pleased for them, but it also kind of nukes me feelreailyer In the head, Like I want to They tried to write me out of the story of orillaz. Bur J was the gllJrarisr way before that Noodle.

I've got half 3. She was a rubbish-looking bird, eriously, she looked like Grayson Perry or something. You're best shot of her, 2D quietly It's just the principle. Murdoc: Look. She was depressingly ugly. Easily enough to pm you off your dinner, You should thank me, Al'lyhow, on with the show Oh yes, one step forwards, another one back.

The still embryonic Gorillaz needed to find that missing Iink. Time to think fast. In time-honoured tradition Murdoc placed an ad in the backpages of the weekly musical institutiol1that is the NME. Murdoc: I read the wordings for the advert clown the phone.

Blah blah blah, GSOH required. No hippies ere In tile deserted hallway stood only a 10ft high freight container marked FedEx. As Murdoc pushed the crate into the middle of the rcem, out from the box spt'ung Noodle, all three foot tWO of he I". I couldn't make om a word she was saying. Bur then sh. Brilllancl She ended it with a 20ft hi-karate jump. She bowed and said just one word.

The position was taken and my group was complete. You could Feel this electricity running right through the four of us. A legend is born!

Murdoci Well, we went: through a lot of names.. But seeing as; musically, I wanted CO swlng through the jungle baring my arse, I rhought Corillaz was a perfect name. That was before everything got Even her amnesia and total lack of knowledge of her past could not cause a ripple to the joyful approach she took to life. Her presence perfectly balanced the exceptional individual components of this extraordinary group. Russeh Despite the language problem you picked up pretty fast that Noodle was into music in a real way.

She fitted riglu in' her guitar skills were phenomenal and she gave off a pure love. The fact that she had the ability to laugh at Murdoc really helped tOQ, The switch was thrown. Gcrillaz are alive! The band embarked on a relentless series of rehearsals, working deep in ehs belly of Kong.

Gorillaz cemented their sound almost immediately; recording themselves as they went. The very first track to materialize was an exhilarating gem named 'Ghost Train', a runaway juggernaut of a track and proof positive of the undeniable magic that this foursome possessed.

Based around it sample from The Human League's 'Sound of the Crowd', and featuring some incomprehensible rap from 2D, the track was an absolute barnstormer and enough to get the major labels salivating uncontrollably. Mu:rdoc: Iran down to Snappy Snapps, bought a disposable camera, and fired off a couple of pies of the band.

If you. I've booked a gig, do y um'if it favour anti. You've got to sec your stall up early. Esrablish the relarionship early on. And I was right, so there you go, Gnrillaz were to become the assassins of useless celebrity, A line was being drawn and these people had to decide which side of it they wanted co be on.

Yom choice. Well, we did fantastic in that photo, 2D: Things were really picking lip. Everyday was just another. Murdoc; winks. More trouble. Bur anyway I invited her down ro [he gig we were doing ac the Camden Brownhouse, It was our first gig so we were gonna pull Out all the.

Gorillaz were diffen1lnt. Even on their first gig the energy and confidence were spectacular. Heavy-duty welding glasses were handed out at.

To stare directly at the blazlng sensation of Gorillaz in full flow was to take one's eyesight in one's own hands. It'll be great press for both of us, the kids wUI thinl c some kind of phonenum ".

Oh yeah, do something wicked that'll get us noticed: Whiffy Smiffy was an old hand at the music game, and despite signing the odd clunker this was a mall who could take a Pepsi Challenge and come out sipping Crlstal.

When it came to bands, he knew his onions It hit me round the face like a wet kipper against a shed door. Other labels had come down to check these Gorilla? No contest. There was a riot, natch: Whiffy, with inimitable style, let off a few rounds from hls pump-action sawn-off, forced his way through the crowds and grabbed those all-important signatures.

Gorlllaz were signed. One gig. One song. November 6th The Gorillaz record lobel signing i Qrty EMI, in their infinite wisdom, placed the band on their Parlophone label, the home of artists such as. The Beatles, Radiohead, I yiie M. For the signing party the record label pulled Out all the. Stops, With no expense being spared.

Murdocr Ir wasa very decadent hash, and from me that's saying something, They hired a palace and decked ir OUI like a baroque bordello.

Some bird. Tacklly, they g,lVe Us one of those really big, supersiwd cheques Oil cardboard or whatever is. The evening graduailly faded into a food fight; one so violent that 2P had an eclair pushed hard enough into his face to knock his tonsils out. However; the evening wasn't the total waste cf tlme that these events so often are. Ok, Gorillaz were good Him and Murdoc didn't really ger on irnrnedlately, due to the kind of competitive one-up-manship they both dlsplay, The first rhing Damon said 'CO Murdoc, poindng down at his boots, was, 'YOLli.

Look, mine are the f? Damon Was wearing a pair like Murdoc's, but wirh solid silver heels and big fancy gold spurs, I think Murdoc was a bit humiliated.

His support and input, despite what Murdoc maintains, has been an invaluable asset to Gorillaz from the outset. He became a paternal figure, sometime producer and an ingenious 'fixer' for the band; It was his knowledge of the industry that.

Murdoc, however, once again had more pressing matters to attend to that evening than hanging out talking about music. Mr Nlccals had his thieving magpie eyes on 20's new belle, the lovely young chanteuse Ms Rachel Stevens.

He spent most of the evening lulling and beguiling her with his maglcal, intoxicating mantra 'Go on Go on I mean I still do love him, bur.. Every time 20's back W,lS turned be was, like, crying it on with me and ir kind of just ruined OUi' relationship; you know, andactually, it ruined a couple of my r-shirrs, come w think of it. Having banked the 7ft cheque, Gorlllaz wasted time in decking outthe Kong Studios shell with the hl-tech super-slick junk that YOLI can see there today, Spazzed to the max, Gorillaz undertook the enviable task of recording the world's greatest debut with themselves at the helm, Merdoc, Ifrhe ship crashes, well, there's no one else ro blame but ourselves, Suits rnc finc.

Whiffy: Cirnrne the goods and I'll do the same fen you. Mllrdoc;:; Yeah, alright SmiJ1y.. No need to sound. I'm about co blow your mind. A moment passed; Whiffy; Er. That's my real hair Awkward silence.

Murdoc paused, momentarily stumped, He considered this, then regained his composure. Ir's nor important. I'm just saying trust me, OK? Gorillaz knocked OUt forty cracks, then cut them down to 15 rnlnl-masterpieces. The buzz around Gorlllaz was spreading through the music world like Wildfire.

The new kids on the block were hot and everyone knew it. Despite every attempt to keep things under wraps until it was finished, the first in a long line of superstar collaborators popped round to 'borrow some sugar from the residents of Kong Studios.

And ended up appearing on the album. The first up to the batter's mound? Russel: Mlho Hatori, rhe japanese singer from Cibo Matte. She harmonized wlrh Noodle [be vocals for 'Re-Hash'.

The track became the opener for Out debut album. Well, We hear. Murdoc: Bin the thesaurus fo.! They said in rhe ad char they'd be back in. When 1 turned up at the Interview, obviously the only applicant, they chucked me keys at me 0I.! I'm home! The website, Gorlllaz. From the date of its launch to the present day the Gorlllaz website received more hits than all the other acts on the band's record label combined, Noodle: We filled the place up with garn.

See a Problem?

We created message boards where Our audience members and people who entered the website could talk to each other. We tried ro be as creative and all-embracing as the technology would allow. We even left tapes and samples of ow' music Lying around, allowl ilg people to mix their own versions, 2D: Yeah, it's aU very cool, but I'm.

Between June l st and June 1st alone, over 82 million rooms and games were visited at the slte, and in June Gorilla: were awarded Webby Artists of the Yea.!. Murdoci 'Ihar's a blr like your house winning an Oscar. Russel: Nearly every single aspect of Gorlllaz is documented and archived here at Kong and Godllaz. Deep in the bowels of Kong, Noodle came across an archive library room, where she learned the terrible legend of Kong Studios, a building with a chequered history that stretches far back ".

Prior to any construction, the orlglna' site was a druids' meeting point, pickedspeclally for its unique alignment of dark energies and hideous leyllnes.

Various members of 'The Goat Klan' would converge on the Essex hilltop site at certain points in the lunar cycle and inhale vapours while tunelessly chanting into makeshift cauldrons.. Many of the people who died in the Great Plague of were dumped there, in shallow graves and burial pits. The Khong Mansion which still stands today was built in to house the decadent hedonist Sir Emerick Khong.

It is said that his ghost still wanders around Kong Kitchens in the early hours, moaning in deep haunting tones for 'a glass of water'.

The current building is also situated next to one of [he biggest landfill sites in the country.

It's not just fridges, washing machines and tractor tyres. Vve're talking about old nappies, colostomy bags, mad cows and rotten alien torsos. In the middle of summer when the heat rises, the stench that oozes up through the soil from this, pit is unbelievable! Like someone cooking turds or something.

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Prior to Gorillaz, the most: recent owners were a bunch of Hell's Angels, a biker gang calling themselves The Nomads, who used the building as their clubhouse. The local police chief reckoned there must have been nearly 2, bikers crammed into the Hangar Room of Basement Number 3. However", when some of their rneth-drinklng frollcs went haywire, a fire started. Someone had locked the main door's so no one could escape, Mnrdoci They all got burnt ro a crisp!

Kong Studios is so stuffed full of dead stuff, bad karma and sick vibrations, it's no wonder that the place lay vacant for so long.

It was in the September of '98 when the fledgling, but ageing. It seems to be a magner for weirdness, the paranormal, the malcontent and me. It has an effect on everyone who enters.

Seriously, check the place out. Although the weather lS always pretty grim round here. Noodle: 0 much of the Gorillaz' entire existence has been played out at Kong Studios.

It ha been a pivotal parr of our lives. It seems sometimes like the building is impossible to scape from But more of that later. Let's get back to the main story.

Where were we? Oh yes, Gorlllaz are [ust about to make their first album Russel and Noodle returned to the UK, to source some directors for Gorillaz' first: video promo. Meanwhile, Murdor: and 2D stayed on in Jamaica to relax, and chill out, However, some of Murdoe's tomfoolery backfired".

We were due to -fly back the next day to record rhe video, which we almost bad ro cancel. Ah, yes, The groundbreaklng 'Tomorrow Comes Today' video, , , According to the original story of Gcrtllar, when the call went out to directors for Gorillaz' first promotional Aim, 'one voice came back loud and clear above all others, That name was Paulo Skinbaclo, auteur and founder of the now legendary "Quattro Frarnrnaglc Manifesto" technique of film-making.

Paulo, 78, was a mouthy novice who had never been on a video shoot in his life. Chaos reigned supreme on the set, and the promo Mr Skinbacio filmed premiered in a garbage bin outstde the record company office. Murdocr You've got to be very careful nor to confuse being an eccentric genius with JUSt being a btt senile Russel: Actually; the man was a bumbling buffoon who bad never held a camera in his ljfe.

Noodle: Yes. He was a total madman. Therefore, under cover of night, two rnen. This was disturbing for many reasons.

Gorillaz-Rise of the Ogre

One being that the legendary 'Italian' director was now resorting to German, and secondly that it was a shonky, 'Babel-Fished' version.

Best steer dear' altogether. It was for this reason that local troublemaker Jamie Hewlett, the mythical cartoonist and co-creator' of female headcase comic book character Tank Girl, was brought in to rescue this cinematic floater from the U-bend of history. His close friend and one-time flatmate Damon Albarn had suggested Jamie's name, and although Hewlett came with no prior experience of shooting pop promcs, Albarn's intuition correctly assessed that this was the right man for the job.

Damon Albarn: This was the righc man for the job. I Just said that; Gorillaz were Initially unsure about going with an animated feel, which may explain the heavy use of live footage in tile first Gorillaz videos. A little persuasion later, however, changed their mind, and the creative partnership between Gorillaz and Jamie would become a solid unbreakable bond, one that went on to bear earthshaking fruit. The visual side of Gorilla!

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Oh yes, Gorlllaz are [ust about to make their first album Murdoc: Yeah, I remember that. Mw'doc swore from this moment on never again would he take to the stage under someone else's direction.

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