This book has a great collection of paper dinosaurs. This is another excellent paper folding book with a ton of excellent models, especially if you're looking for. Scroll down and choose those books that best suit your skill level, interest, and ambition. If you would like to mention an origami book you like, please write as a . If you're having trouble deciding what origami book to download, here are seven awesome recommendations for your personal origami book collection!.

Great Origami Book Collection

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The top origami books below have thousands of step-by-step World's Best Origami is an amazing collection of more than of the most unusual and. A list of 17 new origami books you should read in , such as Kawaii Origami, There is a collection of 21 origami projects for novice origami hobbyists. Great Origami Book Collection PDF | English | Gb Origami (from ori meaning “folding”, and kami meaning “paper”) is the traditional Japanese folk art of.

I've recently put up a spiffed-up catalog of my book collection - you can use it to check the name in Japanese of that book you bought the other day but maybe couldn't read, plus I've put in links to places you can download copies of the in-print ones for yourself.

It's only a useful hobby around Christmas time, actually, when I make lots of little things to put on Christmas trees and packages and all. The rest of the time I make these fairly random things out of paper and they hang around the house 'til the cats eat them, or I get tired of them. But I love to fold.

It's very absorbing, takes great concentration, yet in the end you're often left with something pretty silly. What can you do with a 3 inch paper lobster, anyway?

Very good for my overly-goal-oriented western soul. It's a public list, so anyone can join there are hundreds of members, worldwide and you can also get and search archives of past discussions, etc. Read more Since Joseph maintains such a wonderful site, I'm not going to bother duplicating the materials he has there. The diagrams are clear, crisp, and easy to follow, and are accompanied by inspiring color photographs. Additional tips encourage the reader to design their own original creations.

These featured origami projects will amaze and astound paper folders with their intricate and lifelike qualities.

Anyone would look twice at a flower with one of these paper butterflies perched on it. World renowned origami artist Michael LaFosse introduces Origami Butterflies with craft projects for the beginner or the intermediate paper folder looking to expand their repertoire. This unique collection of origami designs will help you create folded paper models of common and exotic butterflies from around the world. Use it to craft eye-catching origami for your friends, to beautify your home—or as a wonderful gift for butterfly lovers.

This special book tells you how to turn ordinary, square origami paper into pentagons, hexagons and octagons, and then by using radial creases, into intricate flowers with five, six and eight petals or even doubled numbers of folded petals.

The Top 100 Origami Books Of All-Time

With this book, you can make colorful, fancy potted flowers and ikebana out of store-bought origami paper by adding stems and leaves as shown. Paper, scissors, and imagination are all you need to decorate your home with blooming flowers of your own.

Among the projects are a treehopper, spotted ladybug, orb weaver, tarantula, tick, ant, butterfly, scarab beetle, cicada, grasshopper, dragonfly, pill bug, praying mantis, paper wasp, samurai helmet beetle, scorpion, and more. For each project, the author has supplied clear step-by-step instructions and diagrams.

Origami book

Intermediate to advanced paperfolders will find hours of challenge and satisfaction in creating the cleverly designed creatures in these pages. Origami Kit For Dummies gives you all the material you need to get started in origami. Included in the kit is an expert guide book to origami, covering the different bases and techniques you need to create a huge variety of models. Illustrations and detailed instructions show you how to make 75 unique models, such as a frog, a settee, fantastic geometric shapes and even a festive Santa!


So get folding, and show off your creations in style! Origami Sculptures brings stunning detail and realism to paper folding.

John Montroll, a world renowned master of origami, teaches you how to fold beautiful masterpieces, each from a single square sheet of paper. Birds, dogs, mammals, and insects are shown, and a number of the models include the Dog Base and Insect Base, from which a variety of creatures can be folded.

There are 22 fun-to-fold projects including a Panda Bear, a Camel, a Scottish Terrier, a Walrus folded from a dollar bill instead of the usual square, and of course, an Elephant. This third edition also includes a Giraffe.

Each project is accompanied with notes and photos of the animal being represented. Lang have collaborated to produce a truly elegant work. The pages of this book contain some of the most creative origami published to date. Each project is accompanied by a biological sketch of the animal to enhance the visual description.

There are 38 models in all ranging from the lowly barnacle to the mighty whale. In between are to be found a cuttlefish, angelfish, lionfish, and fiddler crab, to name but a few of the unusual origami projects presented. Each project is illustrated with step-by-step instructions, utilizing the unique folds which make each of these animals so lifelike. Beginner and expert alike will find hours of creative fun in these pages.

Origami Sea Life also includes a summary of the history of origami sea life. Information on types of paper and the technique of wet folding make this book indispensible for all those with an interest in papercraft.

This book is a great resource for people who enjoy polyhedra, symmetry, geometry, mathematics and origami.

Origami master John Montroll introduces nearly 50 figures that range from simple to sophisticated.

Hours of enjoyment await with this big book of origami fun. Robert J. Lang, a veteran origami artist, accompanies his step-by-step directions with more than 1, detailed drawings, plus a photograph of the finished model.

The origami models are presented for the reader who may have little or no previous folding experience, making it a great origami-for-kids book and an effective way to learn origami. However, experienced paper folders will also be intrigued by the novel nature of the folds and the unusual materials involved. The origami designs are made from old calendar pages, candy wrappers, envelopes, newspaper, postcards, paper grocery bags and more.

The accompanying DVD video tutorial will make the folding process clearer and aid folders of all skill levels. A-B First Name: C-D First Name: E-F First Name: G-H First Name: I-J First Name: K-L First Name: M-N First Name: O-P First Name: Q-R First Name: S-T First Name: U-W First Name: A-B Last Name: C-D Last Name: E-F Last Name: G-H Last Name: I-J Last Name: K-L Last Name: M-N Last Name: O-P Last Name: Q-R Last Name: S-T Last Name: U-W Last Name: Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest.

Mitsunobu Sonobe. Marigami Origami. Rona Gurkewitz and Bennett Arnstein. A Thousand Cranes: Origami Projects for Peace and Happiness. Advanced Paper Aircraft Construction Book. African Animals in Origami. Amazing Origami for Children. Steve and Megumi Biddle.

Championship Paper Airplanes. Dollar Bill Animals in Origami. Essential Origami. Exquisite Modular Origami. Meenakshi Mukerji. Kunihiko Kasahara. Famous Aircraft in Origami: Fascinating Origami — Models by Adolfo Cerceda. Adolfo Cerceda; by Vicente Palacios. First Book of Origami. Kodansha International Ltd. Folding Paper: The Infinite Possibilities of Origami. Easy Origami. Insect Fumiaki Kawahata. Fumiaki Kawahata.M-N First Name: Approaching the book as a seasoned folder, it is a through and comprehensive guide to the subject, written with no lack of passion.

There are 33 models diagramed in this book as well as 2 crease patterns.

7 Great Origami Books for Everyone

This book is highly recommended. The diagrams are all very clear with two coloured paper and text instructions to go with most steps. Amazing Origami Hardcover by Kunihiko Kasahara. African Animals in Origami. Origami Design Secrets: It tires, it rebels.

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