Tu Ingles Session One Tu Inglés Podcast Episode One Transcripción Tu-Ingles. com [BEGIN] Hola y bienvenido a Tu Ingles. This is a program for people who. En Tu Ingles Sesión 68, vamos a ejercitar tu oído para ingles! Y, por supuesto, también puedes conseguir todas las transcripciones de todas nuestras. Download "Transcripcion Tu Inglés Podcast Sesion 19 longmogedwapor.cf". Error: [ music] +++ Today on Tu Ingles Sesión 19, we are going to a restaurant! Vamos.

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Con la app, puedes escuchar más fácilmente todas las sesiones de Tu Ingles en tu teléfono o iPad. Es mas, hay una version Pro que tiene las transcripciones. puedes conseguir las transcripciones de todas nuestras sesiones anteriores por If you want to download and listen to “Tu Ingles” on your mobile phone, these. En esta sesion especial de Tu Ingles, vamos a hacer una prueba de tus Tu Ingles Club para recibir ellas y ademas todas las transcripciones de Tu Ingles! .. Haz click en el link que dice "Direct Download" para escuchar la sesion gratis! Read novels in English! longmogedwapor.cf

Y odio el invierno? I hate winter, I hate winter. Ok, en ingles, como se dice, estoy feliz? I am happy. Si estas feliz, estoy feliz. Ok, ahora, yo necesito. How do we say that in Enlish? I need. Just make sure to sound out the D on the end of the word. I used to ski a lot. Or I skied a lot. I will go. Perfect, I will go. OK, gracias por tu ayuda, Cecile.

Escucha, pero no te preocupes si no puedas entender todo. La nieve. In the winter, it is cold in Boston. And it can snow a lot. Sometimes snow is beautiful. After it snows, everything is white and clean. For this reason, I like the beginning of winter. I am happy when it snows. But winter is long in Boston.

In fact, I hate winter. And when it snows, I am not happy. Maybe I need a winter hobby, such as skiing or skating. I used to ski a lot in the winter. Maybe I will ski next weekend. Better yet, maybe I will go someplace warm, such as Mexico! Hello again Brian! Como esta tu ingles? How long have you been studying English? Yes, but it shows. So tell us, at the beginning, what was the hardest thing to learn?

Was there anything that really frustrated you?

I think verbs. Verbs are always the most difficult thing in every language, I think. Que dijo ella? Muy bien! Ella me dijo los platos vegetarianos estan en el reverso del menu.

I think you will like it. OK, thanks for the recommendation. I would like the Shiva s Delight please. Thank you very much.

And for you sir? Yes, I would like the Tandoori Dinner please. OK, Cecilia! While we are waiting for our food, maybe we should practice some food vocabulary!

Let s practice! OK, Cecilia, como se dice carne de vaca en ingles? The word is beef. Y como dirias carne de cordero?

The word is lamb. Ok, ahora, la palabra para decir pollo. Que es en ingles? The word is Chicken. Yes, chicken. Y como dirias pescado? Como dirias eso en ingles? The word is fish. Y Camarones? Como se dice eso en ingles? In English, you say shrimp. Hablemos ahora de los cubiertos. They say fork in English.

Yes, fork. Y cuchara? En ingles? The word is spoon. That s right. OK, y que mas ah, si cuchillo? Sabes la palabra en ingles? In English, the word is knife.

What is that sound? Chisporrotear significa to sizzle!!

tu ingles transcripciones pdf free

Right, the dish I ordered really sizzles!! Here you go. One Shiva s Delight for you. And one Tandoori Dinner for the gentleman. Thanks a lot!

Angielski/Czasowniki nieregularne

Do you need anything else? La entendiste? Do you need necesitan ustedes anything else algo mas? So, what do you say Cecilia? No, we do not need anything right now, thank you. Enjoy your dinner!

Wow, this food looks great. But why is your meal so noisy? Es la sarten. Es muy caliente. Cecilia, como se dice sarten en ingles? The word is pan. Right, pan. They serve the Tandoor Dinner on a hot pan.

It sizzles! Oye, Cecilia, sabes quien es Shiva? Sabes el significado del nombre Shiva s Delight? Si, creo que si.


Y la palabra delight? Delight significa deleite. Brian, do you mind if we just eat now? I am very hungry and I don t feel like practicing vocabulary! Ah, lo siento! Claro que si! Oyentes, vamos a comer ahora, y despues continuamos con la Sesion, ok? Chinese would be good. Or maybe Thai.

Do you like Thai food? I love Thai food!! That s a great idea! Hello, did you enjoy your meal? Yes, very much thank you! Can I interest you in some dessert? Oooo, Cecilia, que significa dessert, sabes? Estas interesada en un postre? No, gracias. No puedo mas! No hay problema. Pero, dime, como se dice no puedo mas en ingles? I can t eat anything else?? Literalmente, si. Pero en ingles, se dice, I m full I m full. Ah, full. Significa lleno. It s true, I am full! Not a problem.

Here is your check. Well, isn t that amazing?

Es extraordinario, no? La comida? No, the fact that we made it through an episode of What Do You Say without a disaster! Do you mean there were no aggressive seagulls? And there was no thunder and rain.

Yes, it s amazing. Wow, that pan is really sizzling. Yes, it is sizzling a lot. In fact, I think it s on fire. And there is a lot of smoke also. I think someone burned the Tandoori Dinner!!! Si, alguien ha quemado The Tandoori Dinner!!!! Cecilia, I think we have a problem!!!

Yes, the automatic sprinkler system has turned on! Please go out of the restaurant! I am so sorry!! That s ok! No problem! Here I go!! We hope you can come again soon! And thank you Cecilia for your help today! Sorry about the sprinklers!! Thanks for the nice dinner!

Have a nice day! Well, that s it for Tu Ingles Session Gracias por escucharme.

Si tienes preguntas o comentarios, enviame un o dejame un mensaje en Facebook. Thanks for listening, see you next week!And thank you Cecilia for your help today!

Te gustaria leer una transcripcion de esta sesion? Do you see any vegetarian dishes on the menu? Oh, you are such a gentleman sometimes! One Shiva s Delight for you.

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