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Sword Art Online Volume 11 - Alicization TurningHere is a pdf version of this translation by Tap. Made for convenience. Sorry, front and back. Sword Art Online Volume 11 - Alicization longmogedwapor.cf / Chapters List 10 - Alicization longmogedwapor.cf · up · › Sword Art Online Volume 12 - Alicization Rising. pdf ›. Volume 12 of Sword Art Online in English. Special thanks to Sword Art Online Alicization Series on Facebook! Follow him or her on Facebook. Also if you have .

The whole concept behind it was disturbing. Reading it was disturbing. Watching it was disturbing. But this arc is takin Buckle in kiddies, you're in for a bumpy ride in this volume of Sword Art Online! But this arc is taking all of that to a new level. Sure there's no 'you die in the game you die in real life' but that doesn't make this arc any less In this volume we learn a whole tonne more about the world that's been created, how it changed and grew and became what it is when Kirito found himself in it, and we get some more information on Rath.

Then there's the disturbing scene with Raios and Humbert. My hatred for them knows no bounds. But this volume is pretty pacey. We have Eugeo's POV for most of the volume, and we shift from the school after said disturbing scene and meet up with Alice a lot sooner than I was expecting! I was here ready to be in it for the long haul and do the tournament etc but nope. This arc is moving forward pretty speedily.

See a Problem?

Things have changed with Alice, and Kirito finds himself participating in a prison break but that's not the most shocking development of the whole volume. We meet Cardinal. If I was a veteran swordsman, frequently displaying good results at the Unity Tournamentor beyond that, one of the integrity knights of the Axiom Church, holding onto more authority than even those from the households of the four emperors, just what sort of luxurious lifestyle would I lead?

Oof, not good. A year had passed since he enrolled and perhaps due to getting a little used to the life at the academy, there were times when he was about to lose sight of the feelings he held when he set out on his journey from the village.

He was not here to gain fame or honor as a swordsman. Living here, winning in the official matches, and even his aim to become an integrity knight, none of those were the end results, but the process. To take back that blonde childhood friend of his, who should be confined somewhere within the Axiom Church's Central Cathedral After descending to the first floor through the stairs constructed on the northern side of the building, Eugeo headed towards the exclusive practice arena beside the dormitory.

This too, was one of He swung his wooden sword in either a large, crowded practice hall or an open-air outdoor training field back when he was a novice trainee, but he was now able to practice indoors in a bright and spacious area, for as long as he liked. Opening the door at the end of a short passage, the refreshing scent of the annually refurbished floors welcomed Eugeo. Standing still, he was about to inhale it in before he stopped his breath.

He could sense a faint, sticky smell mixed into the air. When he got out of the small changing room, into the practice arena, those foreboding feelings turned to reality.

The two male students positioned right in the middle of the vast wooden floor noticed Eugeo and turned to look at him with blunt scowls. Perhaps in the midst of style practice, one of them stayed still with his wooden sword held aloft, while the other was adjusting his stance, but then both of them dropped their arms in an unnatural motion.

You don't have to be that cautious, I won't be stealing your techniques; muttering that thought in his mind, Eugeo simply gave a light nod and started walking towards a corner of the practice arena.

He figured they would ignore him as usual, but for some reason, the ones who came earlier took a step forward and opened their mouths to speak tonight. A garish red uniform covered his burly and tall body while A delighted smile settled on his well-ordered face lacking any flaws, but that intentional pause after Eugeo was to call attention to Eugeo's origins as a peasant with no family name.

Responding to harassment of this level would only serve to reduce the time for practice, so Eugeo returned the greeting with a fabricated expression.

Yes, unfortunately, my roommate is When addressing Raios-dono by name, be sure to add in the Head Swordsman-in-training! When calling me, you must add in the second-ranked as well! Or do you have no regard for the history and traditions of this honorable swordsmanship academy His shoulder was then patted from behind, making him quickly close his mouth and back off.

As indicated by those words earlier, this grey-haired Humbert Zizek was the second-ranked elite swordsman-in-training among the twelve students living in this dormitory. And the blonde male, Raios Antinous, was the head elite swordsman-in-training, ranked first.

In other words, the month before last, Raios took over the position of the previous head who fought a fierce battle with Kirito, Uolo Levanteinn. Despite how unlike Uolo who had the air of a stoic military man Raios was, as a man who could not be said to be any closer to the very image of one from the higher ranks of nobility with the vanity he exhibits, their command over swords were remarkably similar.

That might be only natural, considering how they use the same, High Norkia Style; though it wasn't pleasant knowing that the sophisticated, if speaking of him in a positive light, or devious, for negative, Raios was trained in the Mighty Sword designed to down in one hit, just like Uolo.

Kirito mentioned previously during a discussion over the matter. That half of that might behind the swords of students born in the higher ranks of nobility was from the huge pride they nurtured since childhood. Raios's dedication towards swordsmanship and intensity of training could not even reach Uolo's heels, but his pride surpassed the latter's by far. Thus, there was that abominable and almost viscous weight behind Raios's sword. However, could the word, pride, be interpreted to mean selfesteem?

If they have that much self-esteem, why would they persist in such shallow harassment? When Eugeo rebutted so, unconvinced, Kirito replied after pondering for a short moment. Self-esteem is the continuous judgement of oneself. But pride is not limited to merely that. Raios and the rest must have cultivated that pride through comparing themselves with others. Hence, they show contempt for us who weren't born as nobles or even born in the central capital.

Or approaching it from the opposite angle, they are unable to maintain that precious pride of theirs without doing so. Those words from Kirito were rather complex to Eugeo, but he interpreted it as the more he fed Raios's and Humbert's pride by being meek, the stronger their swords would get.

The thought that he might as well answer in a provocative and arrogant manner did come to mind, but unlike his partner, Eugeo had neither the knack of determining where the limits for violating the academy's regulations lie, nor the inclination to pick unnecessary fights in the first place.

Thus, although Eugeo was slightly ashamed of his obedient nature, he still gave a quick bow to show gratitude before he headed towards the corner of the practice arena once again. Upon stepping across the plain wooden floorboards which were newly cut from the forest near the central capital with plenty of Life remaining, those nasty feelings gradually faded away. In the central. Raios and Humbert probably did learn swordsmanship from a private tutor since they were young, but even I've hit that Gigas Cedar two thousand times daily for seven years back in Rulid Forest.

I might not have enough pride, but I definitely have selfesteem. Well, I wasn't waving a sword but an axe around, though. With those thoughts in mind, he stopped in front of the logs meant for self-practice, standing beside the wall on the west side. These were replaced as well, at the same time as the floor, with barely any dents on their surfaces.

Holding the wooden sword made from platinum oak in his two hands, he took up the basic middle stance and regulated his breathing. The thud of a heavy impact rang out and the log with a diameter of thirty cen quivered to its very core after being hit on its right. Feeling the pleasant feedback from his hands, he took a step back and swung the sword down from the left side this time. Next, the right side, then the left again. After striking it for as many as ten times, everything vanished from his cognizance aside from his own body and sword, and the log as well.

The practice Eugeo goes through each night was to execute these downward swings from left and right for a total of four hundred times. He does not carry out any revision for the complex styles taught during the day exercises, like what Raios and company were doing That was because his partner, and mentor as well, Kirito, said that there was no need for it. In this world, what's important is to put something into your sword. When teaching Eugeo swordsmanship, he tended to voice that out.

The secret moves of the Norkia-style, the Valtio-style, and our Aincrad-style are powerful. After all, you just have to understand the activation method and the sword will partially move all by itself.

However, the problem lies before that. The number of matches where secret moves will go against secret moves, like when I fought against Uolo, will likely increase from now on.

In that case, the rest will be determined by the weight behind the sword. Even Eugeo understood that it was not a word that referred simply to the weight of the sword itself.

[ENGLISH] Sword Art Online 12 - Alicization Rising

The one who Kirito fought against, Uolo Levanteinn, put the selfesteem and heavy responsibility from being born in a family that instructed the Knight Order in swordsmanship into his sword. The senior that Eugeo served for a year as his valet, Gorgolosso Baltoh, used the confidence from the body of steel he trained up.

The student that guided Kirito, Sortiliena Serlut, used her expertise in the techniques she honed. And lastly, Raios and Humbert converted their pride as upper class nobles into the weight of their swords. Then, what should I put in my sword? Eugeo asked without thinking and Kirito replied with his usual smirk. You would have to find that out yourself, he said. But perhaps thinking that saying that alone was too irresponsible, he continued on; you won't be finding it even if you do style practice the whole time.

That was the reason behind the earnest striking practice Eugeo repeated day after day while on the journey towards Centoria, and even after gaining admission to the Master Swords Academy. Because all Eugeo had, being neither a noble nor a swordsman, was the years of experience sincerely swinging an axe in that forest south of Rulid. No, there was actually one other thing. The desire to recover Alice who was taken away by the Axiom Church. Even while swinging this wooden sword right now, the vestige of his blonde-haired childhood friend alone would not disappear from his mind.

He believed it must have been the same back when he was chopping down the Gigas Cedar in his hometown's forest. It would be eight years soon, since that day in the summer.

When the integrity knight who gave his name as Deusolbert Synthesis Seven took away Alice, all Eugeo did was to look on.

Although he held onto the Dragon Bone Axe that could even sever iron at that time, he wasn't even able to brandish it. Despite how someone right beside him Asking if he could really accept that.

That's right There shouldn't have been any other friends of his that called his name in that manner aside from Alice. Even so, he could still recall those youthful shouts reverberating faintly, deep within his ears. Automatically counting the number of strikes in a corner of his mind, Eugeo dived deep, deep in his memory; it happened then.

The sword's trajectory deviated slightly and an unpleasant recoil numbed his hands like when he made a blunder swinging the axe during his woodcutting days. Despite how there should have been quite a distance between Eugeo in the corner of the vast practice arena and Raios's group in the exact middle, the fact that the sound was that clear would be because they were intentionally raising their voices to make him listen. He should have been fed up of listening to their sarcasm by now, but he could only consider it shameful of himself for his emotions to be swayed, even now.

Ignore them, ignore them; Eugeo tried to convince himself and was about to continue swinging his sword "Are you not curious about what meaning is there for Eugeodono to do that night after night, swinging that stick without style or finesse, Humbert?

Their exchange reached his ears again as they intended and they went as far as to start snickering; even though he couldn't resort to physical means, he still gave a reply within his mind.

And you're as spirited as always, though only when Kirito isn't around, Raios-kun. Since the month before last, they have stopped with the direct provocations whenever Eugeo and Kirito were together for some reason. In exchange, the scorn Eugeo received when alone increased accordingly, but it didn't seem to be because they found Eugeo easy to deal with, but because they were spooked by Kirito.

Apparently, something occurred between Kirito and them around the end of their novice trainee period, but his partner would only claim that it was merely "a slight quarrel" when he asked and of course, he couldn't ask Raios directly either. What seemed related though, was how Raios and Humbert had strangely pale faces on when they saw Kirito give an unusual potted blue flower to Sortiliena-senpai after the graduation ceremony last month, but he had absolutely no idea about the significance behind it.

Anyway, he could get by without being hassled by them when together with Kirito, which was something he had no qualms with.

However, he couldn't very well hide in the shadow of his partner forever, having become an elite swordsman-in-training now. The year's first official match was only a month away, in the middle of the sixth month. The final rankings may be decided based on just the one right before graduation, but a complete loss to Raios and his ally would only create unease in his future.

A major reversal like how the Swordswoman-in-training Sortiliena who was always The head this year, Raios, and the second-ranked, Humbert, were warriors who received special training in the High Norkia-style since they were young, just like Uolo.

Their characters were utterly unworthy of respect, but their swordsmanship would probably be a head above that of the other noble students. To be honest, even with only a month to go until the match, he could still not find that something he should put in his sword that would be capable of competing against their Mighty Sword.

But at the very least, I definitely won't lose to you guys in terms of number of sword swings. Ending his pensive thoughts and the four hundredth strike at the same time, Eugeo slowly straightened his body. He removed a towel from his belt and first wiped clean his wooden sword. Next, he wiped off the sweat that soaked in from his forehead to his nape while taking fleeting glances behind.

Raios and his cohort were practicing in the middle of the practice arena as always, apparently reviewing the forms of each other's styles. The moment he turned back and took a breath of air, the Bell of Time Telling hung at the academy's main auditorium tower rang out the melody for 6 P.

The swordsmen-in-training's dormitory left much to the students' discretion, unlike the trainees' dormitory that was full of regulations, so dinner could be taken anytime from six to eight.

Hence, a little more practice was perfectly possible, but he had to Come to think of it, that Kirito didn't tell me what he wanted to eat. If there are those pickled tsubu gourds he's bad with, I'll get him an extra-large serving.

When he tucked the towel and wooden sword into his belt with those thoughts in mind and started walking towards the entryway, Raios spoke with his sword aloft, at a volume he could hear. Perhaps he doesn't know how to deal with anything except a log for an opponent? If those are his circumstances, might it be best of us to offer our guidance for a single form at least, as fellow disciples of the same dormitory?

However, Humbert then addressed him directly, so he had no choice but to reluctantly stop his steps. As Raios-dono mentioned, how about some guidance?

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You won't be given such a rare chance ever again. Intentionally ignoring a conversation targeted at him would be the same as an act of disrespect. In the first place, the authority to punish held by elite swordsmen-in-training could be used only on novice and advanced trainees, so Humbert couldn't order any sort of punishment onto Eugeo, but there was still the possibility of submitting a complaint to the academy's management.

As such, Eugeo thought to take his leave with the single phrase, "Don't mind me" but another idea came to mind. This might possibly be a good opportunity.

Raios and Humbert were the head and second-ranked elite swordsmen-in-trainingin other words, they were the strongest and second strongest swordsmen among the students in the academy.

Even Kirito said, "Don't make light of those guys" every now and then, so he had absolutely no intention of looking down on the pair's true strength.

But at the present moment, Eugeo found Raios and his comrade's usage of pride as a source of strength to be incomprehensible. Boasting about their high social status, looking down on students born in noble families below theirs or those of commoners, ridiculing them If he were to accept that, wouldn't it bemire the feelings of respect and affection towards others taught to him by his parents, Sister Azariya from the church, Gasupht the village chief, and lastly, his childhood friend, Alice, when he was young?

Even now, when Eugeo was openly shown looks of scorn, he did not think to neglect the minimum amount of respectaffection was a little impossible thoughfor Raios and Humbert. However, if that attitude were to feed their pride, if it were to increase the force behind their swords even further, it would be really wasted on them.

That said, he didn't even have the slightest intention to choose a way of life similar to those two and scorn others What exactly was the strength born from pride? Having them offer guidance on their own accord like right now could be a chance. Eugeo quickly considered it in his head and added on an "It seems like what that Kirito would think up of, huh" to his thoughts, before he opened his once-closed mouth.

This certainly might be the only chance to do so. Then could you allow me to accept your offer and receive your guidance, please? It seems Eugeo's reaction was unexpected, but they soon curled their lips up into a faint grin. First, Humbert spread his arms wide open and declared in a shrill voice. Now then, hurry and show us your form over there. What did you say? In exchange, suspicion of Eugeo's intentions and the cruelty a wild beast displays as it torments its prey with its claws, showed themselves.

In other words Asking for any more on your part would be impertinent of me. So, you're suggesting that you do not object to ending it only after the first strike? Those eyes, thin even under normal circumstances, narrowed even further to nearly lines, with a brutal leer focusing deep within them. It seems Eugeo's overly respectful manner of speaking had aroused his sadistic anticipation. Very well, I shall show you my sword techniques, Eugeo-dono. It was made of the same platinum oak as Eugeo's, but elaborate patterns were engraved onto the side of its blade.

With Humbert by his side acting in that manner, Raios first thought to say something to him, but perhaps thinking better of it, immediately shut his mouth.

Taking slow steps backwards until he was three mel away, he nodded with a vague smile when Humbert turned to look at him.

Getting more into it with the acknowledgement of his superior, Humbert hung his hands loose, pointed his sword tip straight at Eugeo who was standing upright and shouted. This is the essence of the High Norkia-style This stance was the secret move of the Norkia-style, Lightning Flash Slash. Contradictory to his words earlier, he did not try to use the powerful High Norkiastyle Heavenly Mountain Rending Wave out of concern for Eugeo's bodyno, he probably just didn't want to use it.

That said, Lightning Flash Slash wasn't a technique that could be looked down upon. Even with the edgeless wooden sword, it would reduce a person's Life by half if struck directly on the head and cause that person to lose consciousness for a while. Of course, reducing And there was no doubt that Humbert was aiming not to stop before contact, but to deal a full hit.

The craftwork that was the wooden sword brandished by the second-rank swordsman-in-training let out a blue glow. The speed he activated the secret move with, after entering the stance was as expected of him.

However, Eugeo could distinctively predict the path the sword would draw. After all, Lightning Flash Slash was utterly identical to one of the many secret moves of the Aincrad-style swordsmanship, Vertical. Right before that, Eugeo moved his right hand as well.

Pulling his wooden sword from his left waist, he activated a secret move after an instant of concentration. He went against the opponent's sword that shot down from straight above with a slanted upward slash from below. Aincrad-style, Slant. The many secret moves taught by Kirito were all named not in the Common Tongue, but the Sacred Tongue instead, for some reason. It seems that even Kirito himself didn't know why. He likely forgot it due to the memory loss he had when he appeared at Rulid as a Lost Child of Vector, but in that case, it was a true stroke of luck that he did not forget his sword techniques as well.

Slant was a single-hit technique just like Lightning Flash Slash, but the ability to attack in two directions, from top-right to bottom Especially the latter, with its stance being the same as the action of drawing a sword from the waist, thus allowing a major reduction in the time required to activate it.

Sword Art Online Volume 12 Alicization Rising

Normally, if the opponent in a duel was spotted using a secret move, there wouldn't be enough time to receive it with another one, so one had no choice but to jump backwards or to the sides with all of one's strength to dodgethough that was rarely successful. But the Slant that Eugeo let out late drew a pale blue streak as it violently collided with Humbert's Lightning Flash Slash in the air, causing noise and light unthinkable for a couple of wooden swords.

The blue and light blue radiance enveloping the clashing swords had yet to vanish. If either of those swords were to be pushed back a few cen, the secret move will end in that moment and that person would likely be sent flying.

Eugeo put his spirit in bracing his feet, pushing the sword in his right hand to the very end. With a dull grating noise, Humbert's sword drew back by two cen. The blue gleam of the Lightning Flash Slash flickered, implying the stop of the skill. As I thought, I'm better in terms of pure strength!

It might have been within expectations, but receiving this opportunity to prove it for real gave true meaning to Eugeo. He could not hope to match the motions of nobles, refined to the extent of even Even Gorgolosso, who boasted about his steel-like body, praised Eugeo's body for being "slender, but masterly trained".

There were some among the noble students trained in the High Norkia-style who ridiculed the Valtio-style of Gorgolosso, who was born to common folk, as rural swordsmanship, but putting aside performance art which was a competition of beauty, brute strength served as a splendid weapon for duels.

And along with the adaptive Aincrad-style passed on from Kirito, he could bring any situation into a simple clash of swords. Even if he have not found something to put into his sword, with the techniques and strength polished by those two, he wouldn't lose no matter who the high ranked noble was!

Embracing that conviction in his chest, Eugeo put all he had into the swing of his sword. However, it happened then. Humbert's face, visible beyond the crossed swords, became an eerie countenance that could be described as evil.

At the same time, the blue light that was nearly gone restored, tinged with shades of dusky black. This time, the violent grating was from Eugeo's wooden sword. The pressure on his right arm multiplied with a sharp pain running through his wrist and shoulder.

The two cen it was pushed back by was instantly taken back and the two wooden swords clashed back where they started. What is this power!? Barely stopping it, Eugeo opened his eyes wide. Humbert, who doesn't work up a sweat much typically and spends all his time inspecting the forms of styles, even when he comes to the practice arena, should not possess this much strength.

If this wasn't physical strength Prizing himself and looking down on others; was the power granted to his sword with that disposition, incompatible with Eugeo's values, enough to overturn days after days of training? I can't believe it. I definitely don't want to believe that the God of Creation Stacia could forgive such a way of life. The moment he tried to deny the phenomenon happening before his own eyes, Humbert bristled his hair with a wicked expression on and murmured.

What could you call pretending to get beaten before coming out with that skill without a style or anything else, but cowardly? That's wrong! This is my school If the High Norkia-style was a school that focused on the force and form of techniques, the Aincradstyle was a practical school that focused on the basic point of landing a hit with the sword beyond anything else.

As such, it strives for speed in the activation of secret moves, even possessing consecutive hits skills that other schools do not have. In other words, the idea behind the Aincrad-style was the way of life of its one and only disciple, Kirito, itself.

Unglamorous, unpretentious, a straight push on towards the goal. Not giving up even after running into a wall, challenging it again for the second time, the third time. If he wasn't together with him, Eugeo wouldn't have reached the town of Zakkaria, let alone Centoria. That was why Eugeo vehemently objected to Humbert who concluded that the Aincrad-style was cowardly.

However, the tremors in his heart influenced his sword as well, getting pushed back further. It was Eugeo's turn for the pale blue light surrounding his wooden sword to flash unsteadily. He spread his feet and arched his upper body, desperately trying to hold his position. Humbert gave a smug smirk and whispered in a voice like that of nails scratching glass.

You must be thinking of usurping either Raios-dono or me in the next official match I'll crush your A secret move for swords could continue on for quite some time even if it's forced back, as long as it returns on the same trajectory, but Eugeo's sword was being attacked by Humbert's Lightning Flash Slash from straight above and had already left its original trajectory.

If it was pushed back one cen, no, even five millice more, the Slant will be interrupted and as declared, his right shoulder will suffer a painful blow. Of course, there was a superb medical office in the Master Swords Academy, with various medicines stored there and healers trained in specialized Sacred Arts stationed there as well.

However, there was a limit to the effects of medicine and arts and a wound as heavy as a broken bone might not be able to recover instantly, even if a hazardous Sacred Art like directly transferring Life from another was used. If he were to receive such a wound now, there was no way he could show up at the official match the coming month What am I, stupid?! How can a swordsman be afraid of injury!! Eugeo shook off the fear creeping into his heart in an instant and concentrated all of his consciousness into his sword.

Despite having the chance to leave, the one who responded to Humbert's provocation and picked a duel was himself.

He felt it was too shameful of himself, getting shaken by his opponent's words and If he were to draw his sword, he would have to be determined to use up all of his skill and strength and let things fall into place. That's the spirit behind the Aincrad-style.

And, I have still yet to use up all that I have. Focusing not on Humbert, a sadistic smile forming on his face, but purely on the existence of the wooden sword held in his right hand instead.

The toughness and weight, the warped and sore parts of the evergreen oak that created it made themselves known to his arm and he even felt the power behind the Slant, on the verge of vanishing, as subtle vibrations. Make yourself one with the sword. That was what his close friend and teacher, Kirito, had always said. He was not quite at that stage yet, but perhaps thanks to the daily practice swings, he felt like he could sense something similar to the voice of the sword every now and then.

Not there, this is how you should move, that was how it spoke. And now too, Eugeo heard the whispers of the swordor so, he thought. It would only be natural to be cut down if all he did was to receive a skill coming from above.

He should change the skill. Turning over his right wrist, he received Humbert's sword with the right side of the blade. Slant was interrupted in that instant with the. Eugeo did not go against that force, guiding his wooden sword to rest atop his shoulder. Without a moment's delay, he activated the Aincrad-style secret move, Vertical Humbert's sword touched the right sleeve of his training clothes and tore off several cen of the indigo blue fabric.

But then, Eugeo's sword fiercely forced his opponent's sword back while covered in a vivid blue light. Both Humbert and his partner were aware of the consecutive hits skills unique to the Aincrad-style, but linking one secret move to another certainly was beyond their expectations.

Even Eugeo had no idea it was possible.

He simply let his body move itself in the midst of battle. Humbert's wooden sword was instantly pushed back over five cen and the light from Lightning Flash Slash quickly vanished.

His posture was also very much broken, with his two feet leaving the floorboards. However, that may have been for the best His left shoulder would have been hit by Eugeo's sword had he stood firm; the force from the secret move, Vertical, rendered his entire body afloat, blowing him over three mel behind. If he fell onto the floor like that, the bout would be irrefutably Eugeo's victory, but he obstinately refused to fall down as expected He bent his body as much as he could, preserving an insecure balance.

I'll definitely get the win here if I give chase, Eugeo thought, but before he could regain his mobility from the posture of having swung his sword straight down, a loud voice rang through the practice arena.

Sword Art Online 011 Alicization Turning Interlude III

This duel shall be a draw. Having finally regained his stance, Humbert shouted while looking unsatisfied. For me to draw with this barbari-no, this rural swordsman is! Switching the sword to his left hand and pressing it against his waist, he sloppily knocked his right fist against his chest in an gesture to show gratitude as a knight and turned his back against Eugeo without waiting for him to return the expression.

With Humbert accompanying behind him on the left, Raios smiled as he took a glance at Eugeo and brought his hands together in mock-applause as he spoke. What are your opinions on gaining employment in the Imperial Acrobatics Troupe after graduation?

I am very much in your debt for the concern you have granted me, Swordsman-in-training Antinous. He tried omitting the Head and -dono as a rebuff at the very least, but Raios showed no indication of minding it and returned a composed nod before he started on the walk towards the entryway. Humbert who followed after him glared at Eugeo with the corners of his eyes lifted as high as he could manage. With his soft leather shoes used for practice squeaking as he walked, Raios stopped when he passed by Eugeo who was still standing in the middle of the practice arena and murmured in a deep voice.

I don't mind it even now, though. However, Raios gave a snickering grin before starting on his way once again and spoke in an even more faint voice. But he passed by without saying a word and the sound of the door opening and shutting soon echoed from behind.

Sword Art Online 11 - Alicization Turning

In the midst of the silence that finally arrived, Eugeo let out a deep breath of air and brooded. Strength originating from the pride of the nobles. That, which he had experienced sword-to-sword for the first time, possessed a If he had continued on with that Slant, he would have likely been forced back and gotten his right shoulder broken. Like what his sword had taught him, there were disadvantages in receiving a sword slashing downwards from below, but that wasn't all to it.

Humbert's nature of showing contempt and looking down on Eugeo as a lower class person bound his sword and body like a curse. He was saved by the flexibility of the Aincrad-style for being able to send out secret moves from various stances this time, but in the duels during the official matches that will continue on for another year, he could not rely solely on surprise attacks. There would likely be situations where he would have to overpower the other party from the front with strength.

Until then, Eugeo would definitely have to find it. Something to put in his sword that could oppose Humbert's and Raios's bottomless pride.

While raising the wooden sword still held in his right hand and gently stroking the abused blade with his left, Eugeo muttered. Thank you. Please help me out next time too. It was finally about time for Kirito, cramming seriously in his room, to get hungry. Crossing the plain white wooden floor in haste, Eugeo gave a bow to the empty practice arena when he reached the door and rushed towards the exclusive dining hall. Going through the short passage, he entered the elite swordsmenin-training's dormitory.

Raios was fast enough to move out of the way, but Humbert's left arm was severed. As a result, Eugeo's right eye was blown away, and all he could see through that eye was a red "Error" message in English.

Raios was amused that Eugeo broke a Taboo, and managed to calm Humbert, who was panicking without his arm.

Eugeo was in shock and collapsed after swinging his sword and losing his eye. Raios grabbed his sword, and told Eugeo that, as a criminal, he was to be killed. Before Raios could strike, Kirito came in and stopped the blow. Raios told Kirito that Eugeo was a criminal who severed Humbert's arm, and Kirito exclaimed that he did not care about taboos or the nobles' authority to judge.

The two fought, with the result being both of Raios' arms getting severed, sword in hand. Raios paniced as his Life drained away, but died before Kirito could to save him.

Humbert, in fear and panic, ran out of the room, calling the duo murderers and monsters. The two untied the girls and comforted them, before a face appeared from what looked like a Stacia Window and muttered something about their location, but they were unable to understand it. Part 5 Edit The next day, Kirito and Eugeo were in the underground discipline chamber, where Dormitory Supervisor Azurika visited them. She treated Eugeo's eye and told them words of farewell before taking them to the practice arena, where their escort was waiting to take them to the Central Cathedral.

On the way they saw a dragon, so Eugeo knew that their escort was actually an Integrity Knight. With resolution, Kirito entered the arena, followed by Eugeo, and they presented themselves to the Integrity Knight who presented herself as Alice Synthesis Thirty. Eugeo recognized his childhood friend and called for her, but when he tried to touch her, she removed her scabbard from her sword belt, using it to hit Eugeo across the cheek, and warned that if he tried to touch her again, she would sever his hand.

Kirito made Eugeo regain his composure and both were taken to the plaza where the dragon was waiting. Alice binds them with chains and leather belts, restraining their moves.It looked like he would still be wondering for a bit while skillfully spinning the silver teaspoon in his fingers, but he nodded once and spoke before long.

After a struggle to overpower one another, Eugeo barely managed to disarm Humbert before Raios called the match a draw. I wish I could meet him. After putting that to his mouth and slowly sipping it, Raios finally turned towards Eugeo. The Human World was split into four empires and the one that ruled over the north was the Norlangarth North Empire, with its fertile grasslands, deep forests and many lakes.

If he hadn't met Kirito, even Eugeo would have spent his entire life swinging an axe every day on cutting duty for the Gigas Cedar. It will launch in Japanese arcades in spring Unlike the novice trainees' dormitory that they have been living in until one and a half months ago, the elite swordsmen-in-training's dormitory was in the shape of a perfect circle.

Tiez turned towards her once again and Ronye answered humbly. And Eugeo's partner, who should have understood all of that to be fact without him explaining it, combed his hair, as jet-black as his uniform, upwards before speaking in a flat tone.

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