Java servlet PDF tutorial shows how to return PDF data from a Java servlet. The web application is deployed on Tomcat server. Let's see the simple example of writing data into PDF using servlet. In this example, we have mentioned the content type application/pdf that must be specified to. It's possible to have a servletW serve up PDF content by specifying the content type of the servlet response to be the 'application/pdf' MIME type via response.

Servlet Pdf Example

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The servlet is named as CreatePDFExample and the complete Java code example [ commented, step by step guide ] for this basic PDF servlet using iText is. iText is a free and open source library for creating and manipulating PDF files in Java. In this tutorial we are going to learn how to generate a PDF document. Servlet and JSP Programming with IBM WebSphere Studio and VisualAge for Java. Installing the product. . Additional servlet examples.

For our example, we are using a simple text file. W3 has a memo on the use of Content-Disposition available to read here. Some browsers will immediately download the file using the given filename and others will show a download dialog containing our predefined value.

Example of Downloading File in a Servlet

The size of the byte array we use is arbitrary. We can decide the size based on the amount of memory is reasonable to allocate for passing the data from the InputStream to the OutputStream ; the smaller the nuber, the more loops; the bigger the number, the higher memory usage. Stream instances must be closed after use to release any resources it is currently holding. Using a try-with-resources statement, the application will automatically close any AutoCloseable instance defined as part of the try statement.

Read more about try-with-resources here. The most elegant way to solve this problem is by using a URL pattern as shown in listing 9. If this is not an option, you could add a parameter ending in.

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For instance, Use this solution as a last recourse. A better solution is to set the content disposition in the response header: Note that not every version of every browser deals with this header correctly.

Most browsers detect when the stream is finished and use the correct size of the dynamically generated file. Some browsers are known to have problems truncating the stream to the right sizeā€”the real size of the PDF is smaller than the size assumed by the browser.

The surplus of bytes can contain gibberish, and this can cause the viewer plug-in to show an error message saying the file is corrupt.

How to write data into PDF using Servlet

You have to specify the content length of the PDF file in the response header. Setting this header has to be done before any content is sent. Instead, you must create the PDF on your filesystem or in memory first the next listing , so you can retrieve the length, add it to the response header, and send the PDF.

This is also true for some other binary file formats. These headers make sure that the end user always gets the most recent version of the PDF, and not a PDF that is loaded from the cache on the client side. This is important if the content of the PDF changes frequently, which would happen if it reports about real-time data. C solves the problem caused by old browser and PDF viewer configurations.

How to write data into PDF using Servlet

Note that there are several serious downsides to this solution. When you need to generate large files, you risk an OutOfMemoryException on the server side, and a timeout on the client side.

The second problem, avoiding a browser timeout, can be solved by moving the five steps of the PDF creation process to a separate thread.

You can add your Runnable implementation as an attribute to the HttpSession object. Check the thread with every hit; serve the PDF as soon as the document is closed.

Not only does this solution solve the technical timeout problem, it also works on a psychological level. People tend to be impatient.

When they want to return to that page using the bookmark, they initiate a GET request, getting a result that differs from what they expect. You can do the experiment with the example from listing 9. Recall that neither doGet nor doPost were implemented in listing 9.

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Post as a guest Name.This allows web users to interact with the web server by submit data. Setting this header has to be done before any content is sent. In brief, HTTP is a request-response protocol.

The replacement is done via a static helper method htmlFilter. Line 2 places this class in a package called mypkg.

The Content-Disposition response header indicates that the content is expected to be displayed inline in the browser, that is, as a Web page or as part of a Web page, or as an attachment , that is downloaded and saved locally. Downloading the File With everything in place, we are now ready to run our Servlet. In Line 15, we retrieve a Writer object called out for writing the response message to the client over the network. City; import com.

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