Other versions: | | | i | | i | i. Tekla Structures changes the modeling direction of the part, and swaps the start The manual additions will be kept even if you use the Calculate pour units. Tekla Structures creates the model and opens the default model view. This Software Manual has been developed for use with the referenced Software.

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Software Manual are governed by a License Agreement. Among other provisions , the TEKLA STRUCTURES Basic training Modeling 1 Tekla Structures Structures. Most commands of Tekla Structures are found both in menus (main or pop-up) and in toolbars (icons). In this training manual we will. Tekla Structures Basic Training. 39 Pages Basic english grammar structures and vocabulary Siobhan (? This basic hypnosis manual revision

The search results are visible also in the predefined drawing sets. Tekla Structures uses certain symbols to indicate the status of the drawings.

Symbols appear at the beginning of each row in the Drawing List dialog box. If a drawing does not have any symbol, it is up to date. Symbol Column Information in the Changes column Description Up to dateParts modifiedThe parts in the drawing have changed, for example parts have been added or deleted, or part properties have changed.

Up to dateQuantity increased The actual drawing is up to date, but the number of identical parts has changed Up to dateOriginal parts deleted The part from which the drawing was originally created has been deleted. Up to dateAll parts deletedAll the parts related to the drawing have been deleted. A master drawing is a Tekla Structures drawing or a set of drawing properties that is used for creating new drawings that look the same as the master drawing. You can also use cloning templates from other models.

There are several predefined property files, and you can also create your own in the drawing properties dialog box. LockThe drawing is locked. MasterThe drawing has been added as a master drawing in the Master Drawing Catalog. Up to dateLinked drawing changed A linked drawing has been modified. Up to dateOriginal parts deleted, others exist A drawing, whose original parts have been deleted, has been updated, and there are still other parts relevant to the drawing in the model.

Tekla Structures Basic Training

Up to dateCopied view changed A copied drawing has been modified. Up to dateDrawing updatedA frozen drawing has been updated. Up to dateClonedThe drawing is a cloned drawing. IssueThe drawing has been issued. For example, you might re-issue drawings that have been sent to site. A possible part list is not updated right away. This is done when the draw- ing is saved and closed. Select drawings 1.

From the Drawing list, select the drawings which you want to copy on the which you want multi drawing to collect on a multi drawing 2. On this drawing are copied the drawings you selected in the drawing list Select parts in the 1. Select parts in the model which you want to collect on a multi drawing model which you want to collect on 2. On this drawing are copied views from the to the model parts associated drawing views The multi drawings are recognizable in the drawing list with a M.

The M-charac- ter stands for Multi. The name of the drawing can be changed afterwards. After changing the name, save the drawing and close it. The proce- dure how to achieve this: Open de last multi drawing 2.

Remember which assembly- or part numbers are placed on this drawing 3. Open the penultimate multi drawing 4.

Tekla Structures 2019 PDF documentation

Open the drawing list 5. Select the assembly- or single part drawing s which have to be linked to the opened multi drawing 6. Lists on the drawing will not be filled properly! When collecting drawings, always use a Multi drawing! If you want to collect more then one part on a drawing, always use a Multi drawing to do this! If listbox Size definition mode is set to Fixed size, a drawing size can be speci- fied.

If Size definition mode is set to Autosize, Tekla Structures will determine a size max. Tekla Structures can not autosize if the listbox Layout is left blank, see picture below: Do not use spaces in setting names!

The file that has been created will be stored in the model folder, in the Attributes-folder. Currently, the setting can only be used in the active project. If you want to use the setting in other projects too, you need to copy the setting file to the Tekla Structures system folder: It is not necessary to delete and recreate all drawings.

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Let the Assemblydrawing Properties-dialog stay open. The selected drawings will now be modified according to the new drawing set- ting. This procedure also works for Single Part drawings. However, GA-drawings have to be made manually. The wizard-files are small programs. In a wizard file can be set which drawings have to be made and with which settings they have to be made. Be sure that the model is fully numbered 2. Select the parts where drawings have to be generated from 3.

Generation of drawings will start or 1. These are only for more clarification for the user. Here is set which drawing type will be generated. The options are: Here is set which drawing setting will be used for generat- ing the drawings.


If single is set in the 1st line, then the Wizard will search for a setting file with the extension wd. In the example above, the setting plate. Here is set which filter is going to be used. The filter makes that the right parts are selected. Starts the generation of drawings. This line is always the same. This wiz- ard is set up in a way that drawings are generated from all parts, no parts can be left out by this wizard. Exercise Create a wizard named tube that fulfils the following conditions: Of course, this setting should be available in other projects, so the wizard file must be copied to the folder: You can also sort, select, and display drawings according to different criteria, and print lists of certain drawings, for example.

You can also use the drawing list to find the connections between the drawings and the parts in the model. The buttons on the right of the Drawing list dialog box are used to control the drawings in the dialog box. Select multiple To select multiple drawings in the drawing list: To do this, select an option from the or select drawing set dropdown list. For example, if you wish to see general arrangement drawings only, select GA drawings from the or select drawing set dropdown list.

You can use this variable to indicate which drawings, for example, have been send to an architect: The status information is displayed in the column Drawing status in the drawing list, you can select on this. You need to add select filters to the drawing list by yourself, by default the select filters Final, For checking en For approval are added to the drawing list to display and select drawings.

To assign a status to one or more drawings, select one or more drawing s , i. Make use of the button to switch off all checkboxes in one go, now check the field Drawing status. Enter a status in the field Drawing status in the User defined attribute for the selected drawing s , for example For checking.

For checking So the select filter For checking must at least contain the text check.

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This means that you can also enter forchecking but not For Ch.. Final The select filter Final must at least contain the text final. For approval The select filter For approval must at least contain the text approval. The status information will be displayed in the column Drawing status in the drawing list, you can select on this by using the select filter For checking, for example: Searching and using search groups Search You can use searching to find drawings quickly.

You can now quickly find the drawings you need using text-based search by entering your criteria in the Enter search criteria field. You can limit the searches by columns by entering the name of the column in the Search in field. To limit the search to the currently visible drawings, select the option Search within the currently visible drawings. The searches are saved in the DrawingListSearches in the model folder.

After you have saved the search and re-opened the dialog box Drawing list, it shows among the predefined draw- ing sets.

Only searches can be saved. Double- clicking a drawing has the same effect. After opening a drawing, Tekla Structures switches to the drawing envi- ronment. Only one drawing can be open at a time. If more than one drawing is selected, the Open-button turns gray and can not be used. Updates the drawing after model modifications. Frozen drawings can be updated also.

Locked drawings can not be updated. See Cloning drawings p. Button to find drawings. Enter your criteria in the Enter search criteria field. You can limit the searches by col- umns by entering the name of the column in the Search in field. Button to delete the search results.

Button to save the searches you have made. Button to list all existing drawings Button to invert the contents of the current list. These drawings can then be displayed by clicking the Invert-button.

Button to highlight parts in the model which match with the selected drawings in the drawing list. Button to filter drawing in the drawing list which match with the selected parts in the model. Button to lock drawings. When a drawing is locked, it is impossible to open the drawing. Locked drawings can not be deleted, but they can be printed.

Unlocks the selected drawing See Associative drawings p. An Issue-flag does not prevent the user from plotting, deleting or open- ing the drawing. It must be interpreted as a reminder, for example for already plotted drawings.

Procedure; first select drawing s which need the same revision. Press the Revision-button. Fill in the dialog, at least the input fields Mark, Date and Text have to be filled in. Next, press the Create-button once!

Tekla Structures displays the information about the revi- sion number, the revision mark and the description on the drawing: The revision number is also shown on the drawing list: You can choose whether Tekla Structures shows the revision numbers or the revision marks on the drawing list.

By default, it shows the revision numbers. To attach the same revision information to several drawings simultaneously, select multiple drawings from the drawing list. When you delete a revision, Tekla Structures auto- matically adjusts the remaining revision numbers for that drawing.

The revision marks do not change. This means that drawing objects labels, dimensions, welds, views, cut symbols, angle dimensions, level marks and associative notes are linked to model objects.

Because of that, drawing objects are updated automatically if the model changes! In drawings, a nail symbol indicates an object to be associative. This symbol will not be printed.

Tekla Structures 2018 PDF documentation

Freeze If you modify and save a drawing, Tekla Structures ask if you want to save the changes. To prevent that a drawing will be updated automatically, check the option Dis- able automatic updating: This will freeze the drawing.

Freezing drawings causes drawing objects to be not associative anymore: Drawing is frozen Before modification: After modification: You see the level mark and dimension line are not updated, also the view size has not been changed. Open the drawing list; affected drawings get a symbol in the column Up to date 3.

The drawing list now consists only of drawings with a symbol in the column Up to date 6. Possibly, assign a revision to the updated drawing s 7. This new part will get a new part number. A drawing has to be made of this new part! This new assembly will get a new assembly number. A drawing has to be made of this new assembly.

In case there are more drawings with the same date, and it is difficult to recognize which drawings are the newest, a log file can give solution.

This log shows all actions in the current project which have to do with drawings. Example When the original part of a drawing has changed and moved to another serie, the existing drawing will not be deleted, but automatically assigned to another part of that serie.

When the modified part is moved to a serie without drawings, the original drawing will be cloned. You have 3 identical parts in the serie L1 and you have created a drawing L1 from one part The part is actually linked to that drawing: You now modify this part so that this part is no longer equal to the other parts: After numbering, drawing L1 gets an symbol, which indicates that the part from which the original drawing was created, is deleted.

When you update the drawing, the second part in the serie will be linked to the drawing and the an symbol will disappear. What happens to the modified part? If no other identical parts have a linked drawing in the model, drawing L1 will be cloned to display the changes in the modified part and the drawing gets an symbol in the drawing list.

When there are other identical parts in the model and also have a drawing, this drawing gets an symbol. This means that the drawing is up to date, but the number of parts needs to be updated. These clouds only appear in not frozen drawings associate drawings.

These clouds are not printed. Printing clouds Clouds are displayed in the color Red on your drawings, because of that the clouds are automatically included in printed drawings.

If you use the color magenta, the symbols are displayed on the screen but they will not appear in the printed drawings. The 4 mentioned icons for removing clouds are assimilated in toolbar Drawings- Dimension and are only available if you execute the correct Registry file. See also For more information about executing the registry file, see Tekla Structures. To re-enable automatic updating in a frozen drawing: Select the drawing in the Drawing list 2.

Now, clouds are placed to indicate the modifications Associativity regarding to ID-numbers The associativity on drawings in linked to ID-numbers. In case you add some parts to the model, the ID-numbers of these parts are unknown in the drawing, because of that no dimension lines will be added for those parts. Depending on the situation, the drawing can be recreated or the dimension line can be added manually.

In case of changes, some components will be recalculated. It looks like some parts of the component change, in fact existing parts will be deleted and new parts will be added, because of that new ID-numbers are distributed and the link on the drawing is broken.

You can now recreate the drawing, add the dimension lines manually or freeze the drawing the dimension line still exists, but needs to be modified. In case you only want to move anchor bolts, for example, it is better to explode the component and to move the anchor bolts, the ID-numbers and the associativity will remain on the drawing.

Symbol Column Status text Up to date Parts modified, parts have been added or deleted, or part properties have changed: An Issue symbol can be assigned to selected drawings, e. So, an Issue symbol can be considered as a reminder Issue The issued drawing has been edited or otherwise changed Lock Drawing is locked, i.

You should consider cloning drawings when: After cloning a drawing, you should always check it to ensure the dimen- sions and view sizes are correct. Preferably make use of a drawing from which the part or assembly is most simi- lar to the part or assembly you want to clone to reduce modifying. Make sure that no drawing exists of the part or assembly you want to clone!! See also For cloning there are two options: Finalize, save, and close the drawing you want to clone.

In the model, select the parts or assemblies to include in the drawing. For this purpose you must define the location of the drawing template library. Use the Objects and actions in cloning options to define the drawing objects to use in the new drawing. In the Drawing templates dialog box, select the template drawing.

In the model, select the part to create the drawing from. Make sure that the drawings in the drawing template are not locked!! Step plan for 1. Double-click in the drawing on the curved beam and add a center line.

Toggle on only the three icons on the left in toolbar Snap settings 3. Now, pick 3 points on the center line preferably de two outermost points and a point in the middle of the beam: Pick a random position on the center line.

The information in the Designer and Description columns comes from the Project Properties dialog box. The Model name list contains the recently used models. You can open and edit the model with the Tekla Structures version in which the model was initially created. Tekla Structures prompts you to save the open model when you close Tekla Structures. You should also save your model regularly to avoid losing any work. Autosave also automatically saves your work at regular intervals. Tekla Structures saves the model and the message database stored appears on the status bar.

If you want to save the model in a different folder, click Browse to browse for the To save a copy of a model with a different name: 2. Type the new model name in the Model name box.

In the Save as dialog box, click OK to save the model. There are several tools you can use to change what you see in a view. This topic introduces some of them. It is recommended that you complete any models you have started using your current Tekla Structures version. Custom components and drawings created in an older version may not work properly in the new Tekla Structures version.

Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out in the model: scroll forward to zoom in, scroll backward to zoom out.Enter the desired value in the dialog box Move - translate, i. The following picture shows the dialog Layout properties for Assembly draw- ings: Defining the cast unit type For creating curved radial dimension, after picking three points on the center line of the curved beam and picking two points on the beam to which have to be dimensioned, always close picking points by pressing the middle mouse button.

Only one drawing can be open at a time. Cambering parts Tekla Structures Select the desired setting, e.

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