Download. JCB 3CX/4CX//e// PDF Service Manual. JCB 3CX_4CX__e__ PDF Service. Adobe Acrobat Document MB . JCB 2. JCB 4D. JCB 4D MKII. JCB 3CX (P). JCB MK1 Major This innovation is standard on all Manual Control and EasyControl. JCB's unique TorqueLock system is now standard on On manual machines, it also provides THE LATEST JCB 3CX AND 4CX ECO MACHINES ARE.

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Uploaded by: MELANIE Operator Handbook JCB Owners Repair Manuals PDF - . DSManuals Jcb 3CX 4CX ECO Backhoe Loader Operator. jcb service manual free jcb 3cx 4cx backhoe loader jcb service manual free pdf. Download the JCB , , Forklift Service Repair Manual instantly. Sitemaster. 3CX Classic. 3CX Elite. Manufacturer. JCB. JCB. JCB. Aspiration The operator may use the Austoshift in manual mode when operator control of.

Electrics C. Free postage. PDF files can be opened with Adobe Reader. Reproduced from an original that would have been supplied with the backhoe loaders when new. We are unsure as to the date of this manual but have attached a copy of the page which states the Machine Model and Serial Number - this handbook provides information for the 3CX and 4CX Backhoe Loader range of machines from serial number This comprehensive service manual features photos and illustrations along with step-by-step instructions that will guide you through the entire repair process.

PDF format - engine pages. Perfect if you are working on a JCB loads of technical information including wiring and hydraulic diagrams. This can be due to the fact the originals are no longer in print.

This manual is 'like new' and in pristine condition. Paper Manual, it is in excellent condition. The terrorism situation it makes it all worse.

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The manual is compiled in sections, the first three are numbered and contain information as follows: The remaining sections are alphabetically coded and deal with Dismantling, Overhaul etc. The page numbering in each alphabetically coded section is not continuous. This allows for the insertion of new items in later issues of the manual. All sections are listed on the front cover; tabbed divider cards align directly with individual sections on the front cover for rapid reference.

Torque figures indicated are for dry threads, hence for lubricated threads may be reduced by one third. Machine Identification Plate Your machine has an identification plate mounted on the loader tower.

The serial numbers of the machine and its major units are stamped on the plate. The serial number of each major unit is also stamped on the unit itself. If a major unit is replaced by a new one, the serial number on the identification plate will be wrong.

Either stamp the new number of the unit on the identification plate, or simply stamp out the old number.

This will prevent the wrong unit number being quoted when replacement parts are ordered. The machine and engine serial numbers can help identify exactly the type of equipment you have. North America 5. Values are for dry threads and may be within three per cent of the figures stated.

All bolts used on JCB machines are high tensile and must not be replaced by bolts of a lesser tensile specification.

Page No. Replacement item for kit no. Bollhoff Fastenings Ltd. Wire Starter - used to access braided cutting wire below through original polyurethane seal. No plug supplied. JCB part number: Ensure suction cups are protected from damage during storage.

Braided Cutting Wire - consumable heavy duty cut-out wire used with the glass extraction tool above. S 11 Pressure Test Kit 1: S S S S S 1 2 6 4 5 3 However, the torque can be measured using above locally manufactured tool. Bearing rolling torque is 12 to 22 Nm 9 to 16 lbf ft excluding seal drag. Maximum permissible including seal drag is 40 Nm Fixture - Item 1 Measurements are in mm.

Gasketing for all sizes of flange where the strength of the joint is important.

Threadseal A medium strength thread sealing compound. Safety Notices 1 - 1 General safety 2 - 1 Operating safety 3 - 1 Maintenance safety 4 - 1 Each notice starts with a signal word. The signal word meanings are given below. If proper precautions are not taken, it is highly probable that the operator or others could be killed or seriously injured.

If proper precautions are not taken, the operator or others could be killed or seriously injured. Failure to follow these safety practices could result in injury to the operator or others and possible damage to the machine.

INT When a JCB machine is correctly operated and properly maintained, it is a safe machine to work with. But when it is carelessly operated or poorly maintained it can become a danger to you the operator and others. Do not work with the machine until you are sure that you can control it. Do not start any job until you are sure that you and those around you will be safe.

If you are unsure of anything, about the machine or the job, ask someone who knows.

Do not assume anything. Keep decals clean. Replace unreadable or missing decals with new ones before operating the machine. Make sure replacement parts include warning decals where necessary.

Always be careful. Always be alert for hazards. Loose clothing can get caught in the machinery. Wear protective clothing to suit the job. Examples of protective clothing are: Keep cuffs fastened. Do not wear a necktie or scarf. Keep long hair restrained. Make sure that lifting equipment is in good condition. Make sure that lifting tackle complies with all local regulations and is suitable for the job. Make sure that lifting equipment is strong enough for the job.

Do not walk or work under raised attachments unless they are safely blocked. Do not operate a machine which is defective or has missing parts. Make sure the maintenance procedures in this handbook are completed before using the machine. Operate the control levers only when you are correctly seated inside the cab. Do not operate the machine outside its limits. Do not try to upgrade the machine performance with unapproved modifications.

Do not operate the machine until the fault has been corrected. Do not open the engine cover while the engine is running.

Do not use the machine with the cover open. Use the step s and handrails. Make sure the step s , handrails and your boot soles are clean and dry. Do not jump from the machine. Do not use the machine controls as handholds, use the handrails.

Do not operate the machine in closed spaces without making sure there is good ventilation. If possible, fit an exhaust extension.

JCB free Service Repair Manuals

If you begin to feel drowsy, stop the machine at once. Get out of the cab into fresh air. Keep people around you informed of what you will be doing. If you will be working with other people, make sure any hand signals that may be used are understood by everybody.

Work sites can be noisy, do not rely on spoken commands. Make sure ramps and trailers are clean before driving onto them. Use extreme caution when driving onto ramps and trailers. Do not use the machine in closed areas where there is flammable material, vapour or dust. Otherwise the machine will rapidly decelerate, you or others could be killed or seriously injured. When selecting lower gears, allow the engine speed to drop before each gear change. Parts of the machine are made from cast iron; welds on cast iron can weaken the structure and break.

Do not weld cast iron. Contact your JCB distributor for advice before modifying the machine. Use a soft faced hammer or drift to remove and fit metal pins.

Always wear safety glasses. If two or more people are working on the machine, make sure each is aware of what the others are doing. Before starting the engine make sure the others are clear of the danger areas; examples of danger areas are: People can be killed or injured if these precautions are not taken. Do not mix petrol with the diesel fuel; in storage tanks the petrol will rise to the top and form flammable vapours.

Do not use a machine with a frozen battery.INT The remaining sections are alphabetically coded and deal with Dismantling, Overhaul etc. downloading format see all. Used engine crankcase lubricants contain harmful contaminants.

S S S S S 1 2 6 4 5 3 The lineup of J CB backhoe loaders is represented by 10 basic models of machines made in more than 30 variations.

Backhoe loader JCB 5CX, the most powerful model in the company's lineup, has wheels of the same size and four-wheel drive. Be the first to like this.

New fluoroelastomeric components at ambient temperature require no special safety precautions.

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