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Web PDF ISBN: It is illegal to photocopy .. Module 13 Identify and describe the functions of motor vehicle engine parts and components . Auto Mechanics Fundamentals, Stockel, Chapter 1. "Gasoline as Automotive Fuel ," Block IV, pp. IV-I, IV Outline of Information: 1. The internal combustion. acquire relevant knowledge and skills in the brake system of a motor vehicle. sector to fill up the gap and creates linkages in to motor mechanic tradesman.

Introduction The quality of technical college graduates has been a major source of concern by most employers in Nigerian labor market.

Most employers in Nigeria express their dissatisfaction on the level of technical skills possessed by Technical College graduates. Automotive Mechanics AM trade like other engineering professions has witnessed changes and expansion at an accelerated rate in the last three decades.

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The automobile industry is undergoing rapid technological transformation and is currently faced with increased deregulation, accelerating globalization, and ever-changing consumer tastes. This is in agreement with the views of Dennis who stated that we are experiencing changes at an increasingly rapid pace in many aspects of our lives, with everything moving fast.

Such rapid changes in the workplace are forcing educational systems into a tight corner. The use of computerized and electronic systems in vehicles has increasingly become an integral part of the process in the automotive industry Kitainge, There has been an increase in the production of vehicles with automatic transmission and computerized systems such as transistorized ignition systems, charging and air conditioning.

On the other hand possession of job specific skills in the automotive trade alone is not enough to guarantee a graduate of obtaining retaining and progressing on the job. This has placed a serious challenge on education, which has the role of equipping learners with the knowledge; attitudes and skills necessary to match the pace of the technology changes in the industry all over the world Schwaller Inti, However, Jimoh observed that technical college graduates of AMC lack practical skills and are not carrying out maintenance work to the expectations and satisfaction of their employers.

Okoye Atsumbe, attributed the trend to the mismatch between skills demanded in the workplace and those provided by the schools. Daluba and Audu observed that Nigeria has been making several efforts to keep pace with other developed nations of the world through her emphasis on Science, Technology and Mathematics Education STME.

However, the present situation of unemployment in this country among technical college graduates is an indication that the self-reliant aspect of the national objectives has not been achieved. It is a well-known fact that effective training in skill acquisition has immensely contributed to the technological excellence and economic self-reliance of the industrialized nations.

Osuala, defined skill as the ability to perform expertly, facilitate performance during employment. With the increase in sophistication of automobile and rapid growth in number of motor vehicles on Nigerian roads, the need for appraising the level of technical skills of technical college Automotive mechanic graduates in auto-electrical system maintenance cannot be over emphasized.

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This will unveil the areas of strength and weaknesses of products of technical colleges in order to enhance their competency on the job and to also make necessary improvement for future training of technicians, at the technical college level. Research Question 1 What is the level of technical skills possessed by technical college automotive mechanics Graduates in auto-electrical system maintenance? Methodology The design of this study was a survey.

Nworgu Describes survey research as one in which a group of people or items are studied by collecting and analyzing data from only few people or items that are considered to be representative of the entire group.

The population for the study was all the Technical College Automotive Mechanics Graduates and Automotive Graduates workshop-based supervisors that are working in public and private sectors in Bauchi and Gombe States.


A Sample of 56 Automotive Graduates and their 42 automotive graduates workshop-based Supervisors that are working in the public sectors of Bauchi and Gombe States were selected through Cluster sampling technique and served as respondents. The instrument for data collection for this study was structured questionnaire which was developed by the researcher after.

The questionnaire items were formulated based on 5-point Likert-Type Scale. These responses categories were assigned numerical value of 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 respectively.

The instrument was validated by three automobile technology education lecturers, three automotive teachers and three automotive workshops based supervisors.

A pilot study was conducted using ten technical college Automotive mechanics graduates, three Automotive teachers and seven Automotive workshop-based supervisors that are working in Plateau State outside the study are but the respondents are having similar characteristics with the main respondents , a test-retest method was used, by administering the instrument to the same respondents twice, at an interval of two weeks and Pearson product moment correlation was used to determine the coefficient of reliability r of the instrument.

The instrument had a reliability of 0. Mean and Grand Mean statistics were used to answer the two research questions. The decision rule to accept or reject any item was based on mean of 3. The calculated values of the t-Test were compared with the critical value obtained from the t-Test table.

Hypotheses with t-calculated value that is equal or greater than t-critical value were rejected, while hypotheses with t-calculated value that are less than t-critical value were accepted.

This indicates that Technical College MVM Graduates are highly deficient in practical skills related to auto-electrical system maintenance. Research Question 2 What are the factors affecting the technical skills possessed by technical college motor vehicle mechanics Graduates in auto-electrical system maintenance? Table 2 indicates that all the five items 1, 2,3,4 and 5, were accepted as factors affecting the job performance of technical college motor vehicle mechanic graduates with grand means ranging from 3.

Therefore there was no significant difference between the Mean responses of Supervisors and graduates on the Level of the job performance of the AMG on these items. However items 8, 11, 13, 15, 21, 26, and 27, had their calculate t-value greater than the table t-value. However item 4 has calculate t-value greater than the t- table value therefore there is a significant difference in the mean response of supervisors and graduates on this item i. Brain , — Google Scholar Agarwal, G.

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The second finding of the study attributed the deficiency in the auto-electrical skills to mismatch between curriculum content and workplace needs. We are always looking for ways to improve customer experience on Elsevier. However items 8, 11, 13, 15, 21, 26, and 27, had their calculate t-value greater than the table t-value. If you decide to participate, a new browser tab will open so you can complete the survey after you have completed your visit to this website.

Brain , — Google Scholar Agarwal, G.

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