The Definitive Guide to Apache mod_rewrite (Definitive Guides (Hardcover)) [ Rich Bowen] on Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more. The Apache mod_rewrite module has long inspired. The Definitive Guide to Apache mod_rewrite. Authors: Bowen, Rich About this book; About the authors. Organizing websites is highly dynamic and often chaotic. Thus, it is crucial that host web servers manipulate URLs in order to cope with temporarily or.

Apache Mod_rewrite Book

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In this Learning Apache mod_rewrite training course, expert author Daryl Wood teaches you about the installation, configuration, and practical use cases for a. This book consists of 14 chapters. Chapter 3 - An introduction to mod_rewrite - covering some of the configuration. The Indie Publisher's mod_rewrite Recipe Book. The Apache module mod_rewrite is a powerful tool in the webmaster's toolbox. However, the.

Use friendly URLs anyways if they improve the user experience for your readers.

The Definitive Guide to Apache mod_rewrite

Static to dynamic transition Let's say that you begin publishing using a standard static HTML approach. Later you realize that you need to include dynamic content like site navigation in your static HTML. But you want readers and search engines to continue to find your content at the URLs of the static files.

Although it would be possible to do this fairly simply on a case-by-case basis, this recipe attempts to solve the problem in the general case by redirecting all HTML files to similarly-named PHP files, if they exist. Thus if the user tries to load example.

If foo. In any case, the user's location bar will display example. If you later simplify your site and eliminate the alternate version, search engines may continue to point to the "wrong" version of the page.

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In this case you would like to do an external redirect and get the search engines to pick up the right version of the page.

If you use this rule in a subdirectory, change the rewrite base appropriately. Content for mobile devices More and more of your readers will be using mobile devices in the future and you can improve their experience of your site by designing content specifically for mobile devices. The following recipe just OR's together a series of conditions which each match one mobile device.

If there is another mobile device you need to match, it would be easy to add a line for it.

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The only tricky feature of this recipe is that you need to do something to prevent an infinite loop. You can test the recipe using the Opera Mini Simulator.

Consider that the replacement text, "index. If you are installing CakePHP into a user directory http: This can be added to the same section with the RewriteEngine directive, so for example, your webroot. The details of those changes will depend on your setup, and can include additional things that are not related to CakePHP.

Optional To improve production setup, you should prevent invalid assets from being parsed by CakePHP. Modify your webroot.

The above will simply prevent incorrect assets from being sent to index. If for some exotic reason you cannot change your root directory and need to run your project from a subfolder like example.


IIS7 does not natively support. To do this, follow these steps:.

Once the web. In February of , Apache httpd version 2. That said, the scope of this book has expanded since the earlier incarnation to include not merely URL rewriting, but also methods for munging modifying content, and dynamic conditional configuration.

How this book is organized This book consists of 14 chapters. Depending on your level of existing expertise, some of them can be safely skipped.

This chapter covers its syntax and usage. This chapter digs into that in greater detail. Chapter 12 - Configurable Configuration - New in version 2. Chapter 14 - Recipes - Recipes, and detailed discussions of them, addressing common problems and solutions.

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Other Sources of Wisdom A brief word about the documentation. This book is intended to augment those docs, and not replace them.To do this, follow these steps: There always seems to be a new book format out there.

Customizing and using this code is straightforward. A separate VirtualHost block is needed for every virtual server. These recipes are meant to be stored in a file named ".

Do not put other configuration files in this directory. If you are installing CakePHP into a user directory http:

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